"Laura was able to help me with an issue with a close friend that was causing me a lot of stress and ruminating thoughts. She was a great listener and helped me to distance myself from the intensity of the situation so that I could gain some insight and better understand the problem. I’m amazed that after just one phone call I felt a tremendous sense of relief. More importantly, I feel like myself again: energized, clear headed, objective. Thank you so much, Laura!" --- (S.L.T.)
"I was having trouble with my 30+ year marriage and felt cornered. I felt that I had only two options: to accept his behavior or leave my husband. I didn’t want either. Laura gave me another way of looking at the problem. She offered suggestions that helped me to change my expectations and still find contentment in the marriage. Now I can live in peace." --- (T.S.)
"Laura helped me through the grief of losing my wife of 40 years. She gave me insights from her own experience. At the beginning, I truly felt ‘lost’ but now, I am productive with my life again, thanks to her help." --- (Dr.H.Y.C.)
"My 3-year old daughter has turned out household upside down with her obstinance. Ms. S. gave me specific steps to deal with her that are working." --- (Dr.H.M.)
"I needed help to deal with a difficult mother-in-law. Laura gave me a simple and practical idea as to how to include her in our lives without experiencing the stress that I was under. The result is a win-win situation that allows my mother-in-law and me to be together and amicable." --- (T.S.)